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Teen Wolf Cast Read Fanfiction:

This is one of the reasons why fans have disconnected themselves from Teen Wolf. If not for the fact that we’ve been used countless times, and because of how bad the writing has gotten…it’s because we’re mocked like this.

Our creations, our opinions, our ideas are mocked. We’re not taken seriously. We’re treated as jokes to MTV, to the writers, to the PR team, and to the social media team.

This is also further evidence as to why "The Collective" is a bad thing. Teen Wolf and MTV do NOT care about fan creations. It’s all about the pay off they’ll get for pretending like they don’t mock us behind our backs.

And I don’t want to blame the cast, because if I were an actor, I’d probably be a bit uncomfortable reading some of this about a character I play. I can understand that.

This is why fandom needs to be a separate thing, something that the power heads over at MTV should never have their grip on. This is just wrong and this is proof that the Teen Wolf PR team is absolutely disgusting.

I’m reblogging this only for the words that are added to the video. The clip itself made me angry sad, and so so disappointed. I agree with the above and I’m tired of seeing fans being mocked. Don’t see this video if you’re in a good mood. This will ruin it.

A show is nothing without fans, nothing. And fan fiction and other creations of the like are the best PR you could ever wish for. Hell, you can’t buy publicity of the kind fan fiction provides. Any show dreams of having fans akin to teen wolf’s. What would all of these people do if we did not watch every single Monday? Hmm, Jeff what would your hit show be without people like those writers?

Mocking the people who made your show what it is today, thats practically unforgivable. And taking works like this, purposely cutting out fragment I’m sure are the worst, taking it all out of contexts is a disgrace and disrespectful to its creators. I’m sure even a well acclaimed published novel would sound bizarre if you did the same to that.

So well done clever TV and all else in favour of this. You made a lot of people sad, pissed off a already shaky audience (who are barely following the show at it is) and hurt some innocent people by misrepresenting their work. Bravo. I’m disgusted.

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